Presentación para María

Me llamo…….

Comienza un nuevo curso y con él nuevos proyectos. Nuestros investigadores se han puesto en marcha para ayudar a nuestra amiga María, la cual, ha acudido a nosotros para ofrecernos una gran misión que debemos de llevar a cabo, pero antes de todo queremos que conozca lo guapísimos que somos y el cole tan chulo que tenemos.

Para ello, los alumnos de primero y segundo de Educación Primaria hemos realizado un video de presentación para María enseñándole todos los lugares que tiene nuestro cole.

Esperamos que os guste a todos!!!!!!

My name is……

A new course begins and with it new projects. Our investigators have started to help our friend María, who has come to propose us a great mission that we must carry out. But long before that, we want her to know how beautiful we are and what a lovely school we have.  For it, the pupils of first and second of Primary Education have made a presentation video for Maria showing her all the places that our school has.

We hope you all will like it!!!!!!!


International Library Day 2017

International Library DayOn 24th of October, we celebrated the international library day. On that special one, our children made several artistic paintings, that they hung the school’s library.

From preschool education painted some pictures with lot of colours, with different figures related to books and letters.

Primary education painted some compositions. In them you can see in a teacher reading a book for their pupils, one kid discovering the amazing world of reading as well other one with  two happy students with their books just borrowed from the library.

As you see, they have had lot of fun!


European Day of Languages 2017

European Day of Languages 2017September 26th, we celebrated the "European Day of Languages". During these days we have made one activity for our students aware of linguistic diversity we have in Europe.

We carried out an individual work with some European artistic keys. Then, they colored it, and they put into a large group we have made a big it is exposed in the hallway. We have also put the word “hello” on the several European languages too. They had a lot of fun!

If you want to see the gallery follow this link.


Día de la Madre 2017

Con motivo del Día de la Madre, nuestros alumnado de infantil y primaria han realizado unos joyeros de madera, los cuales han sido decorados por ellos mismos, para que sus madre puedan tener bien guardados todas sus joyas y secretos. Dentro de cada joyero, podían encontrar diferentes recompensas por ser las mejores madres del planeta.

Aquí puedes ver algunas fotos.

Because of the Mother's Day, our students have made some wooden jewelers, that have been decorated by themselves, so that their mothers can have all their jewels and secrets well kept. Inside each jeweler, they could find different rewards because they are the best mothers on Earth.



Nuestro terrarioThe students of the fifth grade of primary education have elaborated very originally different terrariums for the area of social science. With that task we have learned the importance of taking care of our natural environments, since this represents a tiny portion of nature. This activity is an educational tool to learn more about our ecosystems, take good care of them and appreciate the nature around us.


Visita al teatro - La ratita presumida

Visita al teatroTHE VAIN LITTLE MOUSE!

The children from infant education and the first cycle of primary education have gone on an excursion to the darymelia theatre to see the fantastic stage play in english: “the vain little mouse!”  A very lively play about a classic folk tale, where the children have been able to learn a lot of vocabulary thanks to the dialogues and songs. It has been a very interesting and fun trip.


Saint Patrick's day 2017

Saint Patrick's dayHappy Saint Patrick’s Day 2017!

On Friday 17th we celebrated with our students the day of St. Patrick, so famous in Ireland.

In Pre-school we learned through videos and flashcards this festivity and its vocabulary. Also we made a nice drawing of the Elf.

Primary students have researched the celebration and have done work on the symbols themselves: the clover, the Elf, the coins .... They have also made a healthy breakfast forming the rainbow.

We show you the photos. We hope you like them.



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